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While those of us who love concert music keep the deathbed vigil, the body continues to show surprising signs of life.

Here in Erie, PA where I live, we have two professional orchestras. One of them, the Erie Chamber Orchestra, is an inspiring story, a true labor of love. This doughty little band — which presents a full season of concerts, and all of them free — is the lengthened shadow of one man, founder and music director Bruce Morton Wright.

Bruce has many treasurable qualities, musicality, geniality and energy among them (he’s Erie’s version of Bruno Walter), but his modesty works against him. For Bruce, the focus is always on the music and the musicians, never on the podium. Fortunately, my colleague at the Erie Times, Dave Richards, wrote a profile piece on this generous musician.

His light is no longer under the bushel. Long may it shine.

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